Alex Buerck Brother of the Week

Brother of the Week: Alex Buerck

This week’s Brother of the Week is our Brotherhood Chair and former President, Alex Buerck. Since he’s no longer busy with any important presidential business, he took time away from his busy NHL15-filled schedule to give us a few Buercky answers.

Describe yourself in three words.
AB: Set low standards.

What would your ideal date consist of?
AB: It starts with a month, has a day in the middle, and a year at the end.

What is your spirit animal?
AB: Jackalope

Name one time you’ve made history.
AB: In Spring of 2009, I became the first player in freshmen baseball history to get hit by a pitch in every single game I played in. I think I played in 3 games or so.

If you had to watch a movie 5 times in a row, what movie would it be and why?
AB: Kindergarten Cop. Listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger struggle with the English language is always a good time. Plus, it’s for the kids.

You’re on an island with one person, one animal, and only one of your personal belongings. What are they?
AB: Katy Perry, Dave “The Lion” Kaske, and my wallet. I hate the feeling of not having my wallet.

What is brotherhood to you?
AB: Brotherhood is the bond that’s shared between two people, most likely male, who have an arsenal of things they can use to tear each other down with, but instead use to motivate one another. It’s being able to grab a drink with a buddy you haven’t seen in awhile, and feel like you haven’t been apart at all. Lastly, Brotherhood is renting a pair of dress shoes from a freshmen at formal, wearing and losing them, and him only charging you 90% of the original price of $150.

Why do you want to become a teacher?
AB: Some people want to discover the next big thing. Others want to be the next big thing. I want to be the one inspiring both of those types of people, removing any doubts they may have. Having the summers off will be pretty neat, too.