Quin Klett Brother of the Week

Brother of the Week: Quin Klett

This week’s Brother of the Week is Quin Klett! We met up with the boy wonder for a little Q&A. Enjoy~

What do you think is your very best feature or characteristic?
QK: Situational humor

Do you have a name for your dorm room?
QK: The lounge

Tell me 5 things that I’d see when I walk in your dorm room.

  • The dance team calendar
  • JFK Poster
  • Brother Graham Smith
  • Our fish Michael Phelps
  • Our nice futon
  • My stereo

How’s life on the St. Paul Campus?
QK: It makes a good excuse for being late

What’s your spirit animal?
QK: Fox

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?

  • Brother Mathew Greenfield so I could hear/ see the things weird things he does
  • The ghost busters but I would never get caught

If you could change lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
QK: Rory Mcilroy so I would have a better golf game

What would your choice superpower be?
QK: Telekinesis

What would you put on your vanity license plate?
QK: Let’s go!

One piece of advice

  • Don’t talk to girls
  • Enjoy the little things in life and take a break every once in awhile

Thanks Quin!!!