Don’t give up… Don’t ever give up!Jim Valvano

Nationally, the Delta Chi Fraternity is proud to support the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. In the 2014 calendar year, the men of Delta Chi Minnesota Chapter went from being one of the poorest contributors to one of the largest by creating a number of new philanthropy events that are held throughout the year. Over the past few years we have continued this upward trend and in the 2015-2016 academic year, the men of Delta Chi raised over $4000 for the V Foundation.

Rajesh Satpathy Pelt-a-Chi

One of our chapter’s most successful events, Pelt-A-Chi, is held every fall for any and all who wish to participate. The University of Minnesota community is encouraged and invited to donate and throw paint filled balloons at whichever member of Delta Chi they choose. Participants can either whip them as hard as they can or are able to use a giant slingshot. Although having giant balloons of paint slung at you in chilled weather may not seem pleasant, the money we’ve raised for Jimmy V was well worth the sticky hair.

Another philanthropic effort is Signing-the-V. Every year, members carry a massive Jimmy V banner to every Gopher and Viking game that is held in TCF bank stadium. By donating a $1 minimum, fans can sign the V and pledge their support to cancer research. During the fall semester the banner is displayed on the front of the chapter house to show all who support the foundation. In 2014, we raised $600.

In addition to our Delta Chi specific Jimmy V events, we also participate in events put on by the Inter Fraternity Council in coordination with other organizations or the University of Minnesota. The most recent of these philanthropic events was the Lakes And Legends Foundation Hockey Tournament. This year as a chapter we raised over $1000 for the UMN Masonic Children’s Hospital.


We are excited to represent such an amazing organization and are looking forward to raising even more this upcoming semester!